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We will get you your compensation, even in case of fatal accidents. Send us your details and defend your rights.

Having trouble getting paid by insurance? Do you want to sue the insurance for damages?

Our Law Firm, thanks to the experience gained in the many years of activity, provides advice and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, in the field of insurance law.

Road Accident Prevention Skills

The firm provides legal and extrajudicial assistance in the event of road accidents. In particular, we get in touch with the insurance company in order to get you compensation for damage in case of:

Vehicle theft: if your vehicle has been stolen, it is preferable that a lawyer gets in touch with the insurance company directly and immediately, to avoid future problems or delays in the practice, in case of refusal of the insurance company after the completion of the expertise. In fact, insurance companies increasingly reject the claim for compensation alleging the non-delivery of the double key, the presence of an administrative stop on the car or other problems that slow down the settlement of the accident. For this reason, it is preferable for the insurance company to speak immediately with a lawyer.